How to join the Mile High Club

You sly dog… Thinking of doing the dirty deed all the way up in the sky? Balls-ey if you ask me, but I’m pretty sure this on everyone’s bucket list

21 Worst Things About Backpacking

Backpacking isn’t all kebabs, self-discovery and beaches. Let’s take a quick look at the worst things about backpacking. Also, once you’ve read it,  leave a comment with your own additions

The 21 Types of Backpackers

Let’s try something new. A little tongue in cheek article. This is never meant to insult anyone, simply to give you a good laugh and maybe a small insight into

How To Travel With No Money

  All over the world, there are people travelling for months on end, while spending almost no money at all! Let me try to answer the ever enticing question; How

Is Solo Travel Lonely?

A question I’ve often asked myself before I left for my travels is: Is solo travel lonely? The short answer is – No, far from it! I once loved the idea