Hello! This is Encover.Co

My name is William and at the moment, I’m the sole writer for Encover. As lonely as that sounds, this website/blog/growing-online-magazine has become the place where I can write down some of the interesting things I can find for you guys. I’ve essentially chosen 5 not-so-distinct categories to house my ramblings.

Me? I’m an Australian guy who is, right now, probably scrolling through the internet trying to find something interesting amongst the garbage. Otherwise, I’d be travelling or thinking about travelling…

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What does {en}cover even mean?

Our title is actually some sort of bastardization of the word ‘uncover’. The prefix {un} means to remove, i.e. to remove the cover. In our case, adding the prefix {en} which means ‘in’. The name of this journal/blog stems from an interest in things that aren’t always immediate, the things that we don’t see every day – the extraordinary things in life. The things that are covered, or “in-cover”.

This is a blog.

At this very moment, Encover is nothing more than a blog about ‘stuff’. At its heart though, Encover grew out of a passion for sharing experiences and ideas with the world. This is a place for the travellers, the adventurers, and the curious people.

Spread the word?

If you’ve found my blog to be interesting, funny or inspirational, make sure you share it with your friends. It would mean the world to me, to think that someone has recommended something I have written, and you might just bring a smile to someones face.