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Encover.Co is an online journal of travel, adventure, lifestyle and international culture. This is a place to find new ideas and stories about concepts and places outside the scope of our daily lives. The growth and voice of Encover.Co is founded and directed by our underlying values; to be environmentally conscious, universally respectful and encourgage social progression and innovation. Encover.Co grew from a modest travel blog into small online blog/magazine written mainly by me, William.

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Which countries make the best coffee?

  I drink a lot of coffee. Like, 4-5 a day. I’ve tasted coffee from all over the world and I loved (almost) every cup.  What was once called the

Locals are a Traveller’s Best Resource

This one’s going to be a collection of stories to get my point across. Loss, intrigue, lust – what could go wrong? My point is this; as a traveller, the

What is Minimalism?

It’s said that the two best days in a yacht owners life is the day he buys it and the day he sells it. We live in a world today

How To Travel With No Money

  All over the world, there are people travelling for months on end, while spending almost no money at all! Let me try to answer the ever enticing question; How

Finding Romance While Travelling

One of the greatest adventures every traveller finds on the road is finding romance. At some point, almost everyone sees themselves falling head over heels for an exotic specimen from another country and

You need to visit Koh Rong, Cambodia.

This place has seen more people change their travel plans, extend their visa’s and stay in paradise than anywhere else in South East Asia. Koh Rong might just even rival the

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My name is William.

At the moment, this international culture and travel journal is written by me – William. I’m a 20-something, Australian-born, traveller who thinks he’s pretty clever behind a keyboard. I have been travelling for almost two years and am currently living back in Australia studying an Undergraduate Degree. Encover.Co is my effort to research and understand some of the interesting things in our world and write about it for our readers.  Hopefully you’ll come along for the ride. If you want to get in contact or chat, or you’d like to help out in any way, get in touch!